Gem of a legacy

Our inspirations are a precious legacy and a radiant vision

Kandalaa House of Jewellery is founded on a precious legacy that dates back 80 years. Born with the aesthetic of blending the timeless cultural heritage with the trends of changing times, Kandalaa is a master crafter of the pure and the precious.
Founded by Mr Kandala Garudachalanaiah Setty, born in Therigonda, the holy and historic shrine of Vengamamba in Andhra Pradesh, his noble work was inherited by his sons K.G. Venkatachalapathy, K.G. Rajagopal, K.G. Subbaraj and K.G. Venkataraja Guptha. With the rich experience and mastery of the art, the lineage continues creating some of the best known masterpieces of ancient and modern times.
With Mr Kandalaa G. Subbaraj’s vision, expertise and guidance, a new breed of gemologists from his family emerged to take the precious legacy forward. Kandalaa’s signature quality and craftsmanship is alive in the products and services even today.


Rarest of the rare. Purest of the pure.
Since time immemorial, the mystique value of Gold has found its place with deities to damsels, in auspicious gatherings and celebrations. Fine gold has adorned beauty and grace like no other. The significance of Gold has truly transcended time, geography and gender.
Gold jewellery at Kandalaa is hallmarked and of 91.6% purity. Our vast collection of masterpieces includes everything from contemporary and traditional pieces to light-weight, daily-use jewellery and heavier pieces for bridal wear. The gold collections also feature a diverse range of antique rarities that are intricate and hand finished to perfection. Besides this, we also craft precious insignia for puja and mementos for newborns.


Breathtaking Preciousness
Diamonds are at the helm of all spectacular experiences. Nothing so rare and beautiful has ever been created and crafted on the face of earth.
At Kandalaa, diamonds reach their real perfection. With DEF and IF to VVS1 used that are set in yellow and whitegold, every diamond is individually nurtured and crafted and personally graded by our expert gemologists from Belgium.


Spectacular Perfections
The elegance of Silver is in truth no less than any rare metal. Silver souvenirs can be excellent gifts and decorative elements of immense value.
At Kandalaa, all silver articles are of 92.5 % purity. Our vast Silver collection ranges from impeccably polished dinner sets to intricate puja articles, and much more. With us, experience the magic of Silver like never before.

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